// Gallery Coco Features Ed Kidd for Pensacola Gallery Night

Gallery Coco Features Ed Kidd for Pensacola Gallery Night

Edward Kidd began his art mission back in the early fifties with an inquiry to the “Cartoonists Exchange.” If you don’t know what that is, Ed will explain it to you when you see him. Formal education took place in the early sixties at the University of Kentucky and after a brief encounter with Uncle Sam’s military, completed his education at Eastern Kentucky University with an advance degree in Art Education and taking him through all media.

After a forty year hiatus teaching, selling real estate and professional photography, Ed is back at his easel in a makeshift studio in his home where he does primarily acrylic painting on canvas and panel, art that people understand and don’t feel the need to ask; “What is it ?”

With a focus on realism and still life, subjects are drawn from the things Ed does do and the things most others do or at least identify with. This is art that needs no explanation. Just come and enjoy. Leave your thinking cap at the door. You shouldn't need it.


Come by, sip some wine, eat some cheese and meet the artist. 

For more information, call 850-434-2626

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