MicroBlend and Coco Design Join Forces to Boost Efficiency

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PENSACOLA, FLORIDA—MicroBlend, LLC., has announced a new partnership with innovative marketing house Coco Design Associates, Inc. MicroBlend is a manufacturer of specialty cleaning products whose clients include Mobil Corporation and recently merged Pennzoil/Quaker State. Coco Design will handle special projects for the company, including the Gargoyle Chemicals line of products.

“Coco Design has just the right team for our Gargoyle Chemicals brand,” said Ron Stevens, CEO of MicroBlend. “They have a global perspective, a proven ability to create comprehensive, effective marketing programs and a personal touch. Those are the qualities we look for, and in Coco Design we found an efficient, cost effective organization that delivers excellent results.”

Coco Design’s role will allow MicroBlend to strengthen close relationships with its clients, distributors, and employees, a strategy the company has pursued since its inception. As a result MicroBlend has quickly grown into a committed and capable force to be reckoned with in the specialty cleaning products industry.

“MicroBlend has the vision, capability and desire to become the recognized industry leader,” Stevens said. “Because MicroBlend offers superior products and unparalleled service to our customers, promoting our products is simple. We let potential clients see what we have to offer and let them decide for themselves to work with us. Coco Design plays a key role here. Their energetic, appealing presentations really highlight MicroBlend’s strengths.”

Coco Design has been a flexible and innovative marketing house since its inception in 1994. Accustomed to working with clients from across the continent, Coco Design is an innovator in the use of telecommunications technology to create a virtual work environment that capitalizes on the strengths of associates around the world. Their unusual infrastructure and pro-active operating philosophy has led to rapid growth and international recognition for their services.

“We have a non-conventional infrastructure because we do non-conventional work,” said P. Jay Massey, president of Coco Design. “We have associates all over the world, each with his or her strengths, knowledge and contributions to make. We pull on our diversity when we work on a project, and the result is an incredible amount of flexibility and creativity. Not to mention incredible efficiency.”

Coco Design’s flexibility, efficiency and creativity allows it to provide single job support as well as long-term, full-partnering relationships, while keeping its services nationally competitive. The company capitalizes on the capabilities afforded by its unique organization to help clients maximize the effectiveness of their resources.

“Where we really shine is when we have a startup or expanding company working toward a national image and exposure,” Massey says. “We slide in like an in-house marketing department (without the overhead) and take the client where they need to be. This kind of partnering relationship is where more and more companies are heading. It’s more cost effective in both the short and long run.”

About Coco Design, Inc.:

  • Coco Graphics was founded in 1994
  • Established as a graphic design firm and has developed into a full service, national communications design agency
  • Headquarters: Pensacola, Florida
  • Name change to Coco Design Associates and incorporation in 1998
  • Principals are Jay Massey and Joe Martin
  • 850-434-2626
  • http://cocodesign.com

About MicroBlend, LLC:

  • Founded 1995
  • Manufactures and distributes specialty cleaning products
  • Headquarters: Stockbridge, Georgia
  • Clients include Mobil Corporation and Pennzoil/Quaker State Company
  • 800-966-2436