Coco to Feature the Sculptural Metalwork of Kevin Marchetti at Pensacola Gallery Night

King Drops by Kevin Marchetti Gallery Coco is kicking off a one man show featuring the sculpture and painted works of Kevin Marchetti during Pensacola Gallery Night on May 9, 2008 from 5-9 PM.  

Marchetti, an award winning artist, is also the owner of Renaissance Man Inc. an artistic metal fabrication business.  Refusing to be pigeon-holed into one specific style, his creative process consists of continually experimenting and creating unique pieces using a diverse mix of styles in a wide variety of materials, most often working in metal. Kevin often melds two or more elements into elegant and thought provoking works reflecting his passion for art and life.

Marchetti's work has been exhibited at the Artell Gallery and won numerous awards. In addition to his art for "arts sake" his mission includes creating functional art such as spiral staircases, furniture, balcony rails, staircase handrails and ornamental fences, all custom designed to enhance client's lives and the community atmosphere.

Kevin is president of the Pensacola Professional Artists Guild, is on the Greater Gulf Coast Arts Festival committee and is a member of Arts Council of Northwest Florida. His community service includes the 2001 "Big Brother of the Year" award from United Way's Big Brothers/Big Sisters mentor program.

The exhibit, on display at Gallery Coco, located at 222 North Baylen Street, will open with an artist reception during Pensacola Gallery Night, Friday, May 9, 2008 from 5pm-9pm. Marchetti's art work will remain on display through the beginning of July 2008.      Gallery Coco Map

Come by  to sip some wine, meet the artist and pass a good time!  

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