Gallery Coco Features Solo Artist Lou-Mitchell Courtney for Pensacola Gallery Night


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Gallery Coco will present an exhibition of Lou-Mitchell Courtney's textural bas-reliefs, sea form sculptures, figurative works and paintings.  The opening and artist reception will be during Pensacola Gallery Night, Friday Oct 3rd and will remaining on display though mid November. Doors open for Gallery Night at 6:00 PM.

"I create to exist, I exist to create" says Courtney. "It is a dance I perform to feel connected. The process of hand building my sculptures is the same idea as an archaeological dig slowly exploring and uncovering the layers of my inner world. Feeling simultaneously vulnerable and invincible, my sculptures are wrought from feelings coupled with interpretations inspired by nature and her intricate patterns. A web of tree branches in winter, sea grasses moving under the languid spell of the oceans rhythm, a flock of blackbirds mid-flight against a blue sky, tentacled sea forms, and snakes, all symbols representing our search for connection to one another. I am increasingly interested in the repetition and similarity of forms in all living things; in universal truths that cross cultures as well as centuries; in things that attract and repel in the same instance, and the sensation of timelessness that I experience when I am underwater. My work is a visual diary of images and ideas from my life story."

Lou-Mitchell CourtneyA native North Carolinian, Lou-Mitchell moved to Pensacola in 1992. Her early studies in painting and sculpture culminated in a Visual Arts degree from N.C. School of the Arts and a BFA in Design from U.N.C.Greensboro. She later did freelance work in the furniture industry, designing and building over 250 original sculptural prototypes for numerous prominent furniture makers. During that time she was a member of the American Society of Furniture Designers. A complete obsession to create has led her to pursue different directions, materials and techniques. Her primary medium for the last 5 years has been clay.

Elements Art Forms is a full service design, fabrication and installation firm specializing in architectural ceramics custom designed for each clients needs. Lou-Mitchell Courtney and John King together create beautiful one of a kind fireplace surrounds, sinks, sculptural murals, sconces, art tiles, fountains, and more. Lou-Mitchells' scale drawings better enable the client to visualize design possibilities. Elements is a member of the Pensacola Professional Artists Guild, a small group of highly talented & skilled artists with an emphasis on architectural application.  

For more information about Lou-Mitchell Courtney Elements Art Forms visit her website at 

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