Custom Content Campaigns Keep Web Sites Climbing Search Rankings

Chris Kenney - VP Business Develpment, Coco Design AssociatesContent is king.

That is the internet credo, and the key to search engine optimization (SEO).

"A web site has to be updated regularly to remain an effective business marketing tool," said Chris Kenney, VP of Business Development at Coco Design Associates (Coco), a national web design and internet marketing firm headquartered in Pensacola, Florida. "Content updates offer new opportunities for SEO as we incorporate relevant industry buzzwords and trend information into the site."

Coco recently expanded its online marketing division by offering professionally developed and written web content updates reflecting current news, industry trends, and the core philosophies of its clients.

"A stagnant site goes into decline when search engines don't find updated information," Kenney said. Search engines will spider your site less often and search rankings can drop.

Fresh material updates your keyword phrases in the web page content and increases the keyword density of your site. In the context of SEO, keyword density can be used as a factor in determining whether a web page is relevant to a specified keyword search criteria.

With routinely updated content, search engines will spider your site more often, raising the number of pages that are indexed that potential clients might use to search for your type of product or company, which is critical to being discovered by new customers. Half of all internet users change their search terms if they don't find what they want on the first page of results, and only 8 percent ever make it to the third page. Studies also show that the majority of search engine users believe that the first-page companies are the leaders in the field.

New content also contributes to the success of search engine marketing (SEM) tactics. Google, for example, measures if the content is relevant to the keywords used in Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns. If the content on the landing page is highly relevant to the keywords and key phases used, a site will get better ad placement with a lower Cost-Per-Click (CPC).

But content isn't only about rankings, said Kenney.

"We're not writing content for search engines," he said, "We're writing content for humans that is easily found using a search engine."

Engaging visitors, who link to the site and recommend it to others, is critical in raising the profile of a site and a business. The ongoing addition of substantial news content also positions a company as an expert source for both online and traditional media.

"The most important reason to update a web site regularly is to keep your audience informed," said Kenney. "It is about creating a better web site, where relevant content engages visitors and generates conversions. If your articles are not geared toward this as the primary purpose, you will fail to see the benefits."

"Useful, compelling content is the key to online success."

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Coco Design Associates, Inc. (Coco) is a national internet software development firm focusing on browser-based information technologies. Established in 1994, the Pensacola, Florida company provides web design, online application development and internet marketing to business and non-profit clients as well as application development targeting technology transfer to government agencies.

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